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Features the activities of the financial broker

Brokers always act as intermediaries between individual persons irrespective of their form of ownership. They take on the responsibility to expedite a task,
help draw up the documents, including the goods when crossing the border...
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Brokers – who is this? What does the broker?

Every person to some extent at least once used the services of a broker, often even not knowing about it. Because brokers today too firmly in modern life, their services have become incredibly popular. But not everyone knows who they are...
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Objective financial advice

The purpose of financial counseling is to provide you with Advisory services on issues that are most important to you today in the field of banks, insurance companies, investment, building an investment portfolio, real estate, taxation and other issues.
Here is ...
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Financial advice. Advice on loans. A loan secured by real estate.

Financial advice MUDILOVICH AND PARTNERS¬† was formed in August 2004. The group of Companies “the Credit and Financial Adviser” expresses its respect and offers Agency services in the financial market. The main activity of “ck” credit brokerage...

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Debts on the loan

Leasing is a type of financial services, which implies a long-term lease of property for business purposes with a subsequent right of redemption...

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